Alexander Chapel Sales and Marketing Recruitment Agency has a history dating back to 1991. The company was established by two of its original founders who are still actively involved in the business and joined by a number of colleagues with many years of experience within our industry.

Sales and Marketing recruitment is a totally different proposition than any other type of recruiting. Top quality candidates are not only rare but difficult to attract. Vetting candidates for sales positions is challenging given the difficulty of accurately bench marking a sales person’s skills, which can be highly variable. Add to this the fact that the costs of making a mistake can be huge, and you can begin to see why using a specialist recruitment agency with a focus purely on sales and marketing, makes commercial sense.

Our Aims:

Work is done on a contingency “No WIN No FEE” basis, therefore our business model must be based on quality.

We source the best sales and marketing achievers. Candidates working for competitive or related businesses, as well as those who respond through the more traditional and online and social media methods. The relationships we have engendered over the years coupled with and our high levels of repeat business are there for all to see.

Our Standards:

Our Mission
To help our clients accelerate the delivery of their Sales and Marketing teams by inturn improving their own operational profits. We do this by working at all levels to fundamentally change the way people think about their Sales and Marketing recruitment strategy.

Our Values
Client Success: Our client’s success is our first priority. We constantly strive to over-deliver on the recruitment results we have promised.
Respect: Through our behavior, we demonstrate respect for our clients, their people and our own people.
Teamwork: We believe teams can achieve more by working together than can be achieved by individuals working on their own.
Humility: We are proud, but not arrogant; we give credit to those who deserve it. We believe results are more important than titles, and we take satisfaction from acting as a catalyst for change.
Confidence: Confidence is a state of mind in which the desire to advance enables the effective management of risk and the attainment of stretch goals.
Integrity: We consistently exhibit professional, ethical behavior and take personal responsibility for meeting our commitments to our clients and each other.

Innovation: We creatively combine ideas, concepts and skills to invent new Sales and Marketing direction,often transforming our clients’ businesses.

From start-ups to multinationals, regardless of industry, Alexander Chapel Recruitment bring a thorough, project based procedure to all our work, with emphasis on the research and appraisal of each candidate, matched closely to our client’s specific needs..

Let us help you recruit – NO FEE until we GET WHAT YOU WANT so What have you got to lose ?



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