Things You Should Not Say During an Interview with Salespeople.

A job interview is your company’s opportunity to improve whether you are hiring a sales rep, sales manager, or even a sales executive, there are certain things you should never say or do during an interview.

The interview is your company’s opportunity to make a good impression, assess the candidate’s fit for your company, and to communicate reasons why a top talent should want to work for you.

What you say can have a huge impact on a candidate. It could actually change their perception of the company and willingness to work for you.

Interviewing salespeople is similar to interviewing other professionals. You want to find the best candidate and provide them with an experience during the interview that sells them on the organization.
Here are 4 things you should NOT say during an interview with sales professionals:

1. Lying:
This should go without saying, but you should never say anything that is not true in an interview. You don’t want to give a candidate the wrong impression or create expectations that are unfounded. You don’t know what the candidate knows. They may know someone internally, and they have likely done their homework about the organization.

2. Talking negatively about the company:
Your job as the interviewer is to make your company look at good as possible, while also assessing a candidate’s fit for your company. Even the slightest negative remark can have an adverse effect.

3. Personal opinions:
Off-the-cuff remarks and personal opinions about the company can have a big impact on a candidate’s vision of what it would be like to work for your company. Your opinions could even cause them to decide to not pursue the position further. Keep your personal opinions and comments out of the conversation.

4. Asking personal questions:
There are certain questions you should never ask during an interview. Questions that are personal or discriminatory in nature should be avoided. They could not only turn off the candidate, but they could get you into some hot water.


Things You Should Not Say During an Interview with Salespeople